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Designer Doors Headquarters

Designer Doors Headquarters | River Falls, Wisconsin | USA

About Designer Doors

There’s something unique about Designer Doors that sets us apart. In a world of disposable products, the doors we build for you are built to provide lasting value, beauty and utility for many years to come. While that alone makes us different, there’s more.

Our doors are built of wood, one of natures perfect building materials and best insulators. In addition to its natural beauty, wood offers many benefits. It takes less energy to produce products in wood. Wood is 100Roof_Solar_Panels.JPG% renewable and 100% reclaimable. Wood also offers significant environmental benefits – like wildlife habitat and carbon reduction – while being grown with pure solar power.  Our use of solar power doesnt's stop there.  Solar panels on the roof of our plant take advantage of the large flat surface to collect the sun's energy that we use to offset our energy footprint.

Once in our shop, we use our resources wisely. We continually search for ways to increase our efficient use of materials and welcome staff suggestions for improvement. The sawdust we produce is collected and used by a local dairy farmer for animal bedding. (Remember, we’re in Wisconsin.)


Above Right: Some of the solar panels on the roof our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

To the Left: Waste sawdust from our plant is funneled into the back of a specially fitted semi-trailer where it is then hauled to a local dairy farm to provide bedding for the cattle.  It is then in turn composted with the manure as it gets used up.

But perhaps more than anything, you can tell a lot about us by how we value our most precious resource – our people. As a respected member of our community, we pride ourselves on providing a great, safe work environment and a living wage for all our employees, including the trained craftsmen at our shop in River Falls, Wisconsin, who will be creating your door.

So while we’re in the business of building great doors, we are also building a legacy – as responsible employees, environmental stewards and 21st century American craftsmen with pride in a job well done for over 25 years.

See us in action!

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