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Designer Doors Headquarters


Our Story

Kent Forsland founded Designer Doors in 1986 after having been a door dealer in Minneapolis in the early 1980s. During his years as a door dealer, he noticed many newer wood garage doors fell apart as they were being replaced while the older wood doors retained their integrity.

The aha! Moment

Two encounters caused Kent to realize something big was happening:

  1. a transplanted Californian builder requested a carriage-looking door that still functioned as a roll-up garage door and
  2. a Minneapolis homeowner asked Kent to create a unique door with “old world” charm.

Kent examined the solid old doors to see why they lasted such a long time, and it was in 1986 that he went back to building high-quality garage doors using Douglas Fir for the framework, hand craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Soon customers were asking for matching walk-through and service doors, shutters and garden gates to complement their garage doors and our philosophy of Architectural Harmony™ grew even stronger.

In 2006, Kent sold Designer Doors to the employees through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), and in 2010, a private party purchased the company. Kent Forsland saw considerable potential in Designer Doors and so on April 25, 2014 he purchased Designer Doors once again.

He brought Cabrio Structures into the equation, and in the months since Kent has been at the helm, the two companies have experienced solid improvement in business results. Together their mission is to enhance the architecture of homes and businesses and they are positioned to flourish in the decades to come.

A New Era

The “Father of the Carriage-House Door Movement” is at the helm of Designer Doors once again, a company he founded over 25 years ago. It’s a tried and true company entering a new era and looking forward to many changes to come. One thing will not change, however: Designer Doors will continue to design and manufacture the best quality garage doors.

As a company, we are more unified than ever before with several new and exciting innovative solutions planned for the future. We are more than a quarter century old and we’re just getting better and better!