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Hurricane Doors: Beauty, Protection and Security

Hurricane-after2.jpgWhen severe weather comes, it’s essential that a structure’s windows and doors be able to withstand high winds and extreme pressure changes, so that the people inside are protected and property damage is minimized. Because of its large size (area), the forces acting on the garage door are tremendous. When a door fails, the pressure change within the interior of the garage or structure can cause devastating damage. Our hurricane doors offer a level of protection that will put your mind at ease. Beautifully.

NOTE: The photo above was taken on the shoreline of New Jersey in 2012 following Hurricane Sandy's storm surge. The doors on the left are a competitor's steel doors. The doors on the right are Designer Doors. They not only protected the structure and its contents, but they're still beautiful.

Hurricane Colored IsoAdvanced Protection - Tested and Proven

We have developed and tested a wide range of our wood garage doors in all designs and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Our products perform from inland tornado-prone areas, such as Kansas City and Oklahoma City to wind-borne debris regions such as the Florida coast. All doors offered in the Hurricane line doors are tested with nationally recognized protocols and standards.

We offer custom wood garage doors with impact rated glass and glazing. Designer Doors custom garage doors in the Hurricane product line carry both the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval, two of the toughest and most stringent building codes when it comes to wind load. Designer Doors even holds U.S. Patent 7,299,853 for the Hurricane design. That’s beauty, backed by brawn.

The following chart summarizes the broad offerings and range of garage door sizes currently available in our Hurricane overhead door product line.




Miami Dade
Notice of Acceptance
Florida Building
Code Number
H1 Hurricane 140 Impact - Un-glazed 10'6"wide x
8' tall*
+48/-65 NOA 11-1005.07 6442.1
H2 Hurricane 140 Impact - Glazed 10'6"wide x
8' tall*
+48/-65 NOA 11-1003.03 6442.2
H3 Hurricane 140 Impact- Un-glazed 18'wide x
8' tall*
+48/-65 NOA 11-1006.04 6442.3
H4 Hurricane 140 Impact - Glazed 18'wide x
8' tall*
+48/-65 NOA 11-1006.04 6442.3

 *Standard sizes.  We can provide a variety of sizing options, please check with your sales represeentative for all your options.

Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and
The Florida Building Code Info


Florida Building Code 2010 Updated Map

Courtesy of Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation

The above map indicates areas where windborne debris is a concern.  It shows the changes from the previous code, which was made with data from 2007 and the changes that have occured due to new information gathered in 2010. Category II buildings cover most housing, including single family dwellings of any size.  Category I covers outbuilding and barn type structures including detached garages where there is no dwelling or expected loss of life.  Category III Covers multi-family dwellings and other dwellings where more than a certain number of people may share facilities, such as offices and condominiums.  It does not include health care facilities or buildings, such as fire rescue or buildings that provide emergency services.

Hurricane Florida Photo


Below is the map used by the Florida Building Code for Wind Born Debris.

This map is updated to the new code from the 2010 data and supercedes the previous maps from the 2007 data.

Windload Debris Region Map

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