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Trim Options

Trim boards add a finishing touch to your custom wood garage doors, whether rugged, old-world crossbucks or graceful curves that follow the sweep of a window design.

Options include horizontal boards, vertical boards, full bucks, A- or V-half bucks, and curved half bucks. Other ways to customize trim boards include varying the height and width of the boards, creating different shapes, and mounting the boards in various locations. With the Hurricane Door, your choices are virtually unlimited.

Standard Trim Options

Horizontal_Board Vertical_Boards Cross_Buck Half_Buck Curved_Buck
Horizontal Trim Vertical Trim Cross Bucks Half Bucks Curved Half Bucks

Applied Trim Options

We also offer a variety of options for decorative trim that can be applied to your trim boards.  Below are our standard options for decorative trim boards.

Simulated Center Post

The garage door dominates the front elevation of many homes. A doublewide garage door opening can distract even further from the home’s architecture. To transform the possible negative effects of a large garage door into an aesthetic positive, we created the “simulated center post”* design.

This is a doublewide door that appears to be two single-wide doors with a “post” built into the center, seemingly separating the “two” doors. This breaks up the large horizontal surface and adds visual appeal to the garage facade.


 simulated-center-post.jpg  simulated-center-post-detail.jpg

With our patented Simulated Center Post, the single large door above appears to be two doors - providing more visual impact for the house. The center post is beautifully integrated into the door's construction.