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Window Options: Muntins & Glass

More than any feature, windows in the garage door or front door can reflect the glazing design of the entire building or stand alone as a contrasting focal point. In addition, many of the glass options we have, provide privacy while adding a great design element. Overall shape, muntin profile and patterns are the main elements of a window’s design, but it’s glass, often overlooked, that gives the window that unique and final touch. Beyond standard clear glass, your options are virtually limitless. Whether choosing from our many offerings shown above or specifying imported, regional or artisan glass, we can help you create your vision.

Muntin Options

The muntin profile can add to the window section immensely.  Whether subdued to allow the glass to take center stage or a more ornate look to accentuate, the muntin can really make a difference to your window design.

True Divided Lites (TDL) is the standard option for our Pioneer doors where the glass and muntin style allows for it.  This feature provides for a beautiful finished appearance.  There will be the exterior muntin and an interior muntin that will hold the glass in place.

True Divided Lite Section Quarter Round TDL Muntin 1/2 inch Glass Quarter Round TDL Muntin 1/8 inch glass
Quarter Round
for 1/2 inch Glass
Quarter Round
for 1/8 inch Glass
 Interior Muntin 
 Standard Interior Muntin 

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
is used when the glass is insulated or unable to be cut to the size required for the window panes.  The muntins are placed in an overlay on top of the glass like a wood grid.  It also widens the muntin options available as narrow muntins cannot be in a TDL situation. We also offer the look of TDL through the use of decorative simulites and spacers for insulated glass options.

Simulated Divided Lite Section Marvin Window Muntin Quarter Round SDL Muntin
Marvin Window Muntin Quarter Round Muntin
Putty Muntin Square Muntin
Putty Muntin Square Mutnin
Interior Muntin
Interior Muntin for SDL (Standard with Putty, Optional on Quarter Round)


Glass Options

As with standard clear glass, most of the glass options shown can be laminated for safety and/or insulated for energy efficiency.