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At Designer Doors, we believe a superior finish is essential if your wood products are to maintain their value and beautiful looks for many years to come which is why we offer finishing services, from primer-only to a two coat preparatory finish. 

To complete the canvas of your house and so that your finisher can perfectly match the other features of your home, the final coat needs to be applied on the exterior of the door once the door is installed.

For stained wood products, we strongly recommend Sikkens Cetol® 1 and Cetol 2-3. This is a premium translucent alkyd with a “breathable” resin allowing moisture to escape and is available in 7 colors and 2 clear finishes.

For painted wood, we use a high solids acrylic or oil-based primer followed by one coat of high quality exterior latex paint. We use Benjamin Moore products and highly recommend the line if you plan to do the painting yourself and for the final coat.

For clients who wish to do all the finishing on the job site, we provide unfinished products or we can apply the first primer coat of either stain or paint for you.

Below are examples of the standard Sikkens colors. Actual color applied to your door may vary depending on the wood species and the tonal variation of the wood itself.

PLEASE NOTE: Not only do colors appear different on different computer monitors, but the color of the stain can vary dramatically depending on the wood species to which it is applied. Please use this only as a rough guideline. Specific finishing information can be provided by your finisher or by Designer Doors if you choose to have us finish your products.