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The New Front Door: Inspired Design

We began building our legendary garage doors more than 25 years ago with a drive to exceed expectations.  With a rare combination of hand-crafted warmth, precision, and a dedication to architectural expression, we earned the respect of homeowners, architects and builders.

In response to our clients' requests, we now offer a complete line of custom handcrafted wood front entry doors with an authentic architectural heritage.

Designer Doors works to find unity in the design and visual impact of a home's components — the front entry door, garage doors, windows, and architectural details — which forms the foundation of Architectural Harmony™, the seamless presentation that guides our work.

Custom wood entry door Construction Techniques

EntryDoor-RailandStile-sm.jpgStandard Rail and Stile Construction

This standard construction method uses a solid core framework to give high strength and durability to our doors. This flexibility allows you to have an almost unlimited configuration of panels and windows.  Flexible enough to be a good fit for whatever style home you have and decorative enough for front and back entry doors.

EntryDoor-SolidCore-sm.jpgSolid Core Construction

Perfect for the Southwest, Tuscan, Mediterranean or even Tudor look, the solid core allows for the window to be inset into the door in a central spot for the look that is so unique to those particular styles of homes.  Dress the window up with a decorative window grill, or put decorative glass in it for extra emphasis.  This style has well deserved popularity.